SHAROO // Lass dein Auto für dich arbeiten...

Sharoo is a online car sharing company based in Zürich. They came to us to create a viral buzz around their very modern-thinking brand and service. Register online, download the app, book the car and your ready to drive. We needed to create some serious buzz around the online eCommerce platform, overcoming social taboos around using someones elses car and vice versa. 

The Concept

The basic concept was that people can let their cars earn money for them while they are not using them instead of paying exorbitant prices on inner city parking...

We chose a Parking House on a Saturday morning as the perfect location to push our message of how cheaper it is to simply rent your car out for you when you not using it. We setup hidden cameras and made a video surprising shoppers in a parking house, in the hope it would go viral...which it did! 



To create further awareness on the street we targeted drivers who had parking in inner city parking in numerous major cities in Switzerland.  We choose balloons in Sharoo colours, with different prices on them. Representing the different hourly rates car owners receive for renting their vehicles out to customers. The balloons were all accompanied with a double-sided flyer and a 1CHF coin to help them with their costly parking and to bypass the annoying aspect some people feel towards 'window-bombing' with advertising. 



The repsonse was very positive, both at the parking lot of the action and on-street during the awareness campaign with the by-passers and car onwers. The spectacle
of brightly coloured balloons flying high, off cars side mirrors in the dull, urban, wintery landscape also brought smiles to peoples faces. Over 118K views on YouTube were recieved in less than 3 days with countless shares on social media networks and online blogs.


Agency: Webguerillas Zürich
Client: Sharoo Carsharing 
Creative Director: Ryan Daynes
Director / DOP: Michael Kindermann (Snapfilms)
Art Director: Ryan Daynes
Copywriter: Simon Kümin
Client Service: Philipp Pongracz
Management: Dino Ceccato